Our Story


Antares Wine Clearing & Distribution has a long history in the Florida wine and spirits market place going back to 1971. Our team has experience and is here to help guide you through all facets of the process of import and export of wine and spirits distribution in the US market.


Our Vision at Antares Wine Clearing & Distribution is to assist new alcoholic beverage companies in the Florida marketplace. We speak from experience and expertise, taking the complicated office operations of the shoulders of emerging companies. So they can focus on building the front office of their companies.

We Offer Wines & Spirits with Taste & Soul


All our wines that we procure at Antares Wine Clearing & Distribution are chosen by our in house Sommelier team. We only look for quality and interesting wines of excellent provenance. All our wines tell a story each wine is selected for a specific category and place in our book that we think will build sales in On Premise and Off Premise.


We at Antares Wine Clearing & Distribution have been working with a small network of boutique craft distilleries for many years. We offer a proven network of private labeling or total brand creation for many spirits categories. Please inquire!

Our Timeline


Antares, Inc was founded in Miami, Florida in 1971 by Ed Harkrader Senior after successfully founding and selling Gordon Beverages his beer distribution to none other than Universal Brands currently operating
under Gold coast.

Building for the future

Ed Harkrader Junior takes over ownership and operations following his father’s steps, Ed Jr has created a direct warehouse distribution, minimizing operating and transportation costs passing down savings to retailers and consumers, this premise led to continuous growth and a laid a foundation for our clearing services.

Leading the insdustry

Andares Inc, has grown over U.S. $10 million in sales and occupies a priviledge position in the wine distribution and clearing services in South Florida. Focusing on the satisfaction of their customer has and still is their secret to success.